Tag: Black culture

  • Fifty Dollar Freedom

    Fifty Dollar Freedom

    How $50 a month can lead to the next chapter in our struggle for freedom

  • Relationship Goals

    Relationship Goals

    From relationship dreams to relationship reality through relationship work. 

  • American Pie (Pt. 4)

    American Pie (Pt. 4)

    Breaking our racial habits.

  • Bronx Tales

    Bronx Tales

    So what should a community-owned economy look like to serve the needs and aspirations of 2016 Black America?

  • Lemon Seeds

    Lemon Seeds

    In memory of all who rolled up uninvited to the Lemonade festivities this weekend…

  • Freedom Dances

    Freedom Dances

    Bet you can’t do it like me…

  • Conversation No. 30 – Talking with Courtney

    Conversation No. 30 – Talking with Courtney

    Courtney is from Chicago, Illinois. She was living in the western suburbs of Chicago at the time of her interview, and her days were spent working and raising her two kids with her husband.

  • The Wiz of Chi-raq

    The Wiz of Chi-raq

    The Yellow Brick Road. Blood on the roads. Art & Freedom during the holiday season…

  • Conversation No. 26 – Talking with Casey

    Conversation No. 26 – Talking with Casey

    Casey is from Brooklyn, New York. At the time of his interview, he was a third-year college student in New York City and was spending his days “either studying for my economics exams, at the movies with my girlfriend, or just hanging out with my friends.”

  • The New Negrotarians

    The New Negrotarians

    While today’s New Negrotarians are not as interested in conversations about community collective uplift as the New Negroes of the 1920s, they are not as optimistic about the catapulting power of their bootstraps as the New Blacks of today.