Class of Hope and Change: The Book

“A beautiful movement of love, trust, and truth.”


Class of Hope and Change Book Cover Summer Reading


Reclaiming their time.
Sharing their lives.
Speaking their truth.

Millennials, the young people who entered adulthood during the first 18 years of the 21st century, have come of age during one of the most dramatic periods in modern human history. The rapid changes taking place in their individual lives parallel the rapid changes occurring in technology, culture, economics, and politics in societies around the world.

For the past ten years, millennials have been the driving force behind large and small changes across the full spectrum of life. They have built their own seats, created spaces for themselves at the tables of influence, and claimed their places as equal stakeholders in the ongoing project of human civilization.

They have a lot to say, and we made time to listen.

Class of Hope and Change is the result of a two-year project to make sure we tell our own stories before someone else sells them back to us. This book is rooted in the timeless tradition of oral history; focusing on the dreams, struggles, ideas, and stories of everyday millennials who bring a variety of life experiences and cultural perspectives to discussions about a wide range of timely and timeless subjects.

This book exists because people did not wait until they became famous to document their lives and share what they’ve learned about life so far. We didn’t wait until we received accolades and awards for our talents. Our lives matter now. We bring our truths to the potluck of human experience and look forward to you joining us!