Conversation No. 26 – Talking with Casey

Casey is from Brooklyn, New York. At the time of his interview, he was a third-year college student in New York City and was spending his days “either studying for my economics exams, at the movies with my girlfriend, or just hanging out with my friends.”

Casey’s Most Likely To Is: Most Likely to Follow His Own Path

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Casey talked about the moment in his childhood when he realized he was “somewhat different, personality-wise”:

“When I was maybe 8, 9, or 10. My dad always tells me about this time when I had a soccer game… I had kicked the ball ahead the rest of the [players]. I was a pretty fast runner, so I kicked the ball in front of everybody, and ran for the ball.

I was right in front of the opposing team’s goalie… and my dad yelled right while I was kicking the ball, and I just completely missed [the goal]… I just kicked it, and it went nowhere close to the goal…and then apparently I got really mad at my dad.

In some 8 to 10 year-old iteration of this, I basically asked my dad to kind of keep quiet when I [was] playing sports so I could concentrate.

…The next time [a] similar situation happened, I just scored the goal. I guess I realized I was different at this point, because usually when you do well in something you like to celebrate or you get excited, especially in a sport.

But when I went back to the sideline everyone was like ‘oh good job!’ and I was just like, ‘okay, whatever’…Now I’m not that way, but definitely through high school I was that way, and throughout most of my childhood I was that way for sure.”


Casey talked about some of the people he follows on social media:

“Well I guess I could start with some people who aren’t typical celebrities…Barack Obama. For obvious reasons I guess, I follow Barack Obama…he’s the President of the United States, and half the decisions that he makes affect us directly in one way or another.”

We talked about how Casey’s outlook on life has changed over the past few years:

“Back in high school I was definitely living more in the moment…When I was younger I played chess, and from playing chess I learned to look forward and to look ahead in terms of planning things and in terms of planning [my] next move in life.

With that being said, now I’m a college student, I’m in my junior year and I’m beginning to try [to] network with alumni from my school and [to] apply for internships or job opportunities that can help me later on.

Because right now they might not be available to me, but during my senior year they definitely will become available to me, and I kind of just want to springboard past all of the slow part of coming out of college and looking for a job; and hopefully have everything set up by the time I do graduate from college.”


We talked about the potential future effects of the resurgent prominence of African-American/Black-centered entertainment and art:

“I think it’s really good in terms of [having] more African-American people [on-screen]. [It] definitely seems that a lot of people are embracing their Blackness now, whereas maybe earlier in time my generation of people [were] not the biggest proponents of Blackness.

Now they’re embracing it… and it’s uplifting. Definitely uplifting. I think this is a result of the resurgence of Blackness in the arts and in media.

…I think a lot of people have seen the success of other Black and African-American people and are now aspiring… maybe not in the same field – you know everyone doesn’t want to make music like Kanye West and Beyoncé – but now they believe that they can become something.

They can be Black, African-American, and be loved by the world; and not only be portrayed the way they are in the media a lot of the time.”

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