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  • Fifty Dollar Freedom

    Fifty Dollar Freedom

    How $50 a month can lead to the next chapter in our struggle for freedom

  • The Millennial and The Merchant

    The Millennial and The Merchant

    A tale for our time.

  • Relationship Goals

    Relationship Goals

    From relationship dreams to relationship reality through relationship work. 

  • Conversation No. 51 – Bernadette

    Conversation No. 51 – Bernadette

    Bernadette is from Chicago, Illinois, and was living in the western suburbs of the city at the time of her interview. Her days were spent “advising college students, to build motivation in them, and to try to push them towards something greater in their lives.”

  • Coffee Break (Part 2)

    Coffee Break (Part 2)

    The second installment in a series of conversations between two friends – one from Saudi Arabia, one from the United States.

  • Conversation No. 50 – Raven

    Conversation No. 50 – Raven

    Raven is from Brooklyn, New York. She had recently completed her third year of college in Massachusetts at the time of her interview, and was spending her days “currently…getting adjusted to this 9-to-5 life. I’m interning in [New York City], so I pretty much just go to work, take naps,…

  • Korryn’s March

    Korryn’s March

    Our women are going it alone. Resignation, independence, and the beginning of post-protest Black America.

  • Conversation No. 49 – Alberto

    Conversation No. 49 – Alberto

    Alberto was born in New York City, raised in Providence, Rhode Island, and spent most of his teenage years in the Dominican Republic. He was beginning his first year as a transfer student at a university in Rhode Island at the time of his interview.

  • Words About Black Lives, Matter

    Words About Black Lives, Matter

    It is critical to not allow those with seemingly little concern for the humanity of Americans in Black bodies to frame the discussion about Black lives.

  • Coffee Break (Part 1)

    Coffee Break (Part 1)

    She’s from Saudi Arabia. He’s from America. The first installment in a series of conversations between two friends from very different places.