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  • Pets, People, and America

    Pets, People, and America

    A beautiful movie at the end of a tragic week.

  • American Pie (Pt. 4)

    American Pie (Pt. 4)

    Breaking our racial habits.

  • Graduate to Broke

    Graduate to Broke

    “Ain’t it fun / Livin’ in tha real world / Ain’t it good / Being all alone”

  • American Pie (Pt. 3)

    American Pie (Pt. 3)

    Father stretch my doubt…

  • Bronx Tales

    Bronx Tales

    So what should a community-owned economy look like to serve the needs and aspirations of 2016 Black America?

  • Lemon Seeds

    Lemon Seeds

    In memory of all who rolled up uninvited to the Lemonade festivities this weekend…

  • Summer Blocks Buster

    Summer Blocks Buster

    Back at it again with another damning report about policing in America…

  • American Pie (Pt. 2)

    American Pie (Pt. 2)

    Money, Power, and Respect…

  • American Pie (Part 1)

    American Pie (Part 1)

    I like to think the questions I have posed below are the right ones to ask, and that this is the right time to ask them. Yet I acknowledge that I could be wrong on both counts.

  • We Broke Ya’ll

    We Broke Ya’ll

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but poverty…