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  • American Pie (Pt. 4)

    American Pie (Pt. 4)

    Breaking our racial habits.

  • American Pie (Pt. 3)

    American Pie (Pt. 3)

    Father stretch my doubt…

  • Bronx Tales

    Bronx Tales

    So what should a community-owned economy look like to serve the needs and aspirations of 2016 Black America?

  • American Pie (Pt. 2)

    American Pie (Pt. 2)

    Money, Power, and Respect…

  • American Pie (Part 1)

    American Pie (Part 1)

    I like to think the questions I have posed below are the right ones to ask, and that this is the right time to ask them. Yet I acknowledge that I could be wrong on both counts.

  • We Broke Ya’ll

    We Broke Ya’ll

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but poverty…

  • The New Negrotarians

    The New Negrotarians

    While today’s New Negrotarians are not as interested in conversations about community collective uplift as the New Negroes of the 1920s, they are not as optimistic about the catapulting power of their bootstraps as the New Blacks of today.

  • Pouring Concrete Over Roses

    Pouring Concrete Over Roses

    D. Rose & his knees. Our boys and their needs. And the pain of running through concrete.

  • Conversation No. 8 – Joshua

    Conversation No. 8 – Joshua

    Joshua is from Brooklyn, New York. At the time of his interview, he was completing his final semester of college in New York City, and spending most of his days “studying for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam.”