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  • No More Runnin’

    No More Runnin’

    The only thing more incredible than the story of these women is the fact that our recent history can be as effectively hidden as our ancient history.

  • Sermon on Southampton

    Sermon on Southampton

    There were several lines from Birth of A Nation that struck me as particularly poignant given the current social / political climate in our country:

  • Katwe Keys

    Katwe Keys

    Just because they don’t want to see you win doesn’t mean they won’t.

  • Relationship Goals

    Relationship Goals

    From relationship dreams to relationship reality through relationship work. 

  • Pets, People, and America

    Pets, People, and America

    A beautiful movie at the end of a tragic week.

  • The Wiz of Chi-raq

    The Wiz of Chi-raq

    The Yellow Brick Road. Blood on the roads. Art & Freedom during the holiday season…

  • We Need “Selma” Now More Than Ever

    We Need “Selma” Now More Than Ever

    I always listen to classical music on my way home from the movie theater. It helps me process what I have seen. After a movie like Selma, at the end of a year like 2014, I had to take the long way home to organize my thoughts. So, without any spoilers, here’s how this…