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  • Coffee Break (Part 1)

    Coffee Break (Part 1)

    She’s from Saudi Arabia. He’s from America. The first installment in a series of conversations between two friends from very different places.

  • Conversation No. 48 – Ebonee

    Conversation No. 48 – Ebonee

    Ebonee is from Brooklyn, New York. She was living there at the time of her interview and spending her days “being a mother…being a friend. I recently got my license to be a childcare provider, so that’s kinda cool. I watch kids all day. I love the kids.”

  • Conversation No. 47 – Jasmine

    Conversation No. 47 – Jasmine

    Jasmine is from Brooklyn, New York, and was living as a first-year graduate school student near Baltimore, Maryland at the time of her interview. Her days were spent “on a very strict routine, during the school year. I go to work, come home, do my work, and go to class.…

  • Conversation No. 46 – Erin

    Conversation No. 46 – Erin

    In our 46th conversation, we’re speaking with Erin. She’s from Brooklyn, NY and currently lives there.

  • Conversation No. 45 – Kevin

    Conversation No. 45 – Kevin

    Kevin is from Chicago, Illinois. At the time of his interview, he was living in Chicago and spending his days “working…and when I’m not working, just with the kids, being a family man, trying to do as much as I can possibly do on my weekends.”

  • Conversation No. 44 – Felice

    Conversation No. 44 – Felice

    Felice is from Brooklyn, New York and was living in Atlanta, Georgia at the time of her interview. She was spending a lot of her days “trying to make this money.”

  • Conversation No. 43 – Janelle

    Conversation No. 43 – Janelle

    Janelle is from Brooklyn, New York. She was preparing to graduate from college in Washington, D.C. at the time of her interview, and she was spending her days “mostly…I’m going to be completed honest, I’m tired all the time. That’s become a part of my personality.”

  • Conversation No. 42 – Amanda

    Conversation No. 42 – Amanda

    Amanda is from Haiti, and was living in Queens, New York at the time of her interview. Her days were spent “working in an OB-GYN office…and applying to graduate schools.”

  • Conversation No. 41 – Ethan

    Conversation No. 41 – Ethan

    Ethan is from Brooklyn, New York. He was living in Brooklyn as a third-year college student/filmmaker at the time of his interview. He spent his days “doing what I believe to be the most crucial thing to do at this point in my life, and that’s learning and laughing.”

  • Conversation No. 39 – Chelsea

    Conversation No. 39 – Chelsea

    Chelsea was born in Haiti, grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and was living in Brooklyn at the time of her interview. Her days were spent “working as a college advisor at a nonprofit, reading a lot, meditating, practicing yoga, and trying to find ways to be better and keep…