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  • Conversation No. 58 – Camille

    Conversation No. 58 – Camille

    Camille is from Brooklyn, New York. She was a college student living in Brooklyn at the time of her interview, and was spending her days “either working, going to school, or sleeping.”

  • Conversation No. 30 – Courtney

    Conversation No. 30 – Courtney

    Courtney is from Chicago, Illinois. She was living in the western suburbs of Chicago at the time of her interview, and her days were spent working and raising her two kids with her husband.

  • Conversation No. 18 – Shantel

    Conversation No. 18 – Shantel

    In our 18th conversation, we’re speaking with Shantel. She’s from Oak Park, IL and lives in the western suburbs of Chicago.

  • Are You Not Entertained?

    Are You Not Entertained?

    How do we balance the hopefulness of Ms. Blakley’s vision for American media with the current media industry diversity data?

  • Conversation No. 16 – Dante

    Conversation No. 16 – Dante

    Dante is from Brooklyn, New York. At the time of his interview, he was living in New York City and spending his days “working on an app with a team, running around the city, and traveling.”

  • Conversation No. 4 – Haniyyah

    Conversation No. 4 – Haniyyah

    Haniyyah is from New York City, “born in Queens, but raised in Brooklyn.” At the time of her interview, she was a graduate school student living in upstate New York. Her days were spent “at work, then school, then the library…then rinse and repeat.”