Conversation No. 16 – Talking with Dante

Dante is from Brooklyn, New York. At the time of his interview, he was living in New York City and spending his days “working on an app with a team, running around the city, and traveling.”

Dante’s Most Likely To Is: Most Likely to Make a Major Impact on His Friends & Family

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Dante shared his daily breakfast meal routine:

“My days generally begin the same way. There’s one breakfast that I eat every single day. I have this oatmeal recipe that I’ve been making, and it’s incredible. It’s super-cheap to make…you make it on Sunday, or whatever day you make food…and I just make a big ton of it and eat it every day [during the week].

At some point, I’ll sit down and I’ll eat four fried eggs, fried in avocado oil, one slice of whole wheat toast with butter…I’ll eat a bowl of spinach and fresh avocados…and I have a tea mixture that I make.”


He explained why his goal is to impact his friends and his family as opposed to the whole world:

“Most of what I’m doing now, in my life and my work, involves my friends and my family. That’s the exciting thing. Someone asked me recently about success, and I really feel like I’m successful now, because I’m living the life I want to live…that’s really what matters to me. And the life I want to live specifically is…affecting my friends and family.”

Dante talked about the most important people he follows:

“I’m not a too big user of social media, but in real life I follow my business partners and co-founders every day…and they follow me…and it’s amazing.  I got into the business with them specifically because I follow them to begin with, I trust them.

It becomes further bolstered by necessity…because we’ve entered a partnership, we kinda have to continue to follow each other, even when we’re not inclined to.

…I follow my family. I follow my mom, my brother and my sister. I tell them I’ll follow them to the end of Earth…if they just tell me the direction, I’ll go.”

We talked about how his priorities have changed over the past few years:

“I’m less concerned with ‘stickin’ it to The Man’…it’s important to get in the practice of having your voice heard, but I also think change is a more collaborative process than that…I don’t think there’s a ‘they’ out there. I think there’s a lot of ‘we’… we are very afraid, and that fear needs to be eliminated.

…I think my role now is not to stick it to anyone. My role is to create a community of people who trust each other, and can help each other, and can empower each other. Even if it’s just as simple as finding good restaurants for each other, or getting each other photography gigs…that to me is transformational work.”


Dante explained why he’s optimistic about the future:

“Yeah, I’m optimistic. I generally feel that things are better and going to get better. Now that said, I don’t see it being a smooth curve. I think there are many more rocky parts to come.

There may be things that disappoint me personally, I don’t know. But I think in general, I believe in progress…I believe in historical progress.”

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