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  • Conversation No. 56 – Patrick

    Conversation No. 56 – Patrick

    Patrick was born in Jamaica and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He was living in Alaska and serving as a member of the U.S. Air Force at the time of his interview. He spent his days “waking up at five o’clock in the morning, going to work at two…

  • Conversation No. 45 – Kevin

    Conversation No. 45 – Kevin

    Kevin is from Chicago, Illinois. At the time of his interview, he was living in Chicago and spending his days “working…and when I’m not working, just with the kids, being a family man, trying to do as much as I can possibly do on my weekends.”

  • Conversation No. 31 – Jared

    Conversation No. 31 – Jared

    Jared is from Oak Park, Illinois, and was living in the western suburbs of Chicago at the time of his interview. He was spending his days “either working, or taking care of my five children.”

  • Conversation No. 12 – Steven

    Conversation No. 12 – Steven

    Steven is from Brooklyn, New York. He was still living in Brooklyn, New York at the time of his interview, and was spending his days “either at work or with my family.”

  • Conversation No. 3 – Neiko

    Conversation No. 3 – Neiko

    In our third conversation, we’re speaking with Neiko. He lives in Chicago, IL and spends his days working, taking care of his kids (2 boys & 1 girl), and mentoring/coaching students.

  • Conversation No. 2 – Phillip

    Conversation No. 2 – Phillip

    Phillip is an indie documentary filmmaker based in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area. A native of Chicago, Phillip is the founder of Monarch Melanin Films, and uses his work as “a visual griot, sharing stories for my ancestors to be proud and watch.”