Conversation No. 12 – Talking with Steven

Steven is from Brooklyn, New York. He was still living in Brooklyn, New York at the time of his interview, and was spending his days “either at work or with my family.”

Steven’s Most Likely To Is: Most Likely To Succeed

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As the first person in the documentary who used the phrase “most likely to succeed”, I asked Steven to explain why he chose those words:

“I think at the position where I am now, I’m really transitioning into the person I’m going to become…and what is coming ahead of me is nothing short of success.”

We talked about who he follows on social media, and in real life:

“Well I am a father and a husband, so I have to say the most important person I follow on social media is my wife…As far as successful celebrities who I’ve been following and seeing their lives unfold, I would have to say Kevin Hart.

I think that the things that he’s doing right now as a person, he is just passionate about being him and passionate about his future and his career… [he’s] working hard and out-working people consistently in his industry.”

“The most important person following me right now is my son. He’s seven months old, and I guess with little boys…they never follow your word; they only follow your actions. And I know at a certain age, he’s either going to look up to me as a hero, or look up to me as just another man.

So, I’m very careful about the things that I do, and the type of roads I want to go down. Because when my son grows up and looks at his father, I want him to say, ‘he’s my hero.’”


Steven reflected on his journey of personal growth during the past eight years:

“When I look back on the person I used to be…that person was hungry. That person was even more ambitious than the person I am now. At that time, all I knew was hunger. All I knew was my current situation. All I knew was being raised in the projects.

All I knew was that I had to get a scholarship to go to college, or I wouldn’t be able to go to college. All I knew was that I had to make it, because I had no other choice. The dreams and the visions, and the goals and aspirations of that person when I was in high school… [they were] so big that it scared me.”

We talked about what sees when he looks at his city, and at our country:

“I think nowadays…I truly believe that it’s sad that there is just no foundation in a lot of the things that people are doing. I would just say for the times now, especially in New York City and the United States, with all the things that are going down…Black people and African-Americans and people of color, I think the thing we lack the most is foundation.

History. A starting point. I believe every person of color nowadays – at a certain point in their life – they feel that they are the ones that are starting new…nobody’s building upon anything solid, everybody’s just digging new ground. Everybody’s trying to recreate the wheel, when the wheel has already been created.”

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