Streets and Sidewalks

Yesterday night was one of those amazing parallel-universe moments on Twitter.  It was a Wednesday night, so folks were providing quality color commentary about Episode 4 of Fox’s new hit show, Empire. There was also a fascinating discussion taking place at the same time under the hashtag #MGFerguson.  Then there was the in-person discussion in Ferguson, Missouri that turned into one more reminder of how much work still lies ahead. While all this was taking place, a group of concerned citizens gathered in Denver with some questions for their police department about a young girl named Jessica Hernandez.

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We Need “Selma” Now More Than Ever

I always listen to classical music on my way home from the movie theater. It helps me process what I have seen.

After a movie like Selma, at the end of a year like 2014, I had to take the long way home to organize my thoughts. So, without any spoilers, here’s how this movie helps all of us understand the path we’ve just trod in 2014, and the one ahead. Continue reading “We Need “Selma” Now More Than Ever”