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  • Maybe It’s Not Too Late

    Maybe It’s Not Too Late

    For the record, I’m a fan of all three artists mentioned in this piece. I’m a fan of each of their new 2015 albums. I’m a product of the broader hip-hop culture that produced them, their fans, and even their haters.

  • 3 Things to Do While You’re Single

    3 Things to Do While You’re Single

    Who knew we were only one more list away from the answers?!

  • You, Your Money…and Puppies

    You, Your Money…and Puppies

    At least you’ll love the messenger

  • V-Day – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    V-Day – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  • You Had Me At “Fresh”

    You Had Me At “Fresh”

    Here’s to shattering ceilings, cracking windows, opening doors, and anything else that lets the breeze of humanity clear out the stale air of misperception in our minds and in our media.

  • Streets and Sidewalks

    Streets and Sidewalks

    In this moment, when so many people are expending so much time & energy fighting the good fight in “streets” that weren’t made for us … let’s not forget to spend some time on the sidewalk.

  • Êtes-vous Charlie?….Really?

    Êtes-vous Charlie?….Really?

    As we try to process the most recent display of the frighteningly dark capabilities of the human soul, my question is to us, the sign holders, the stand-in-solidarity vigil participants, the pens-in-the-air freedom fighters. Are you…am I…really Charlie?

  • How to Lose

    How to Lose

    In the US, we have perfected the celebration of the win. I don’t think any other country does victory as well as we do…but we are terrible losers. I don’t mean loser in the typical sense…I mean loser in the sense of someone who has lost something – or someone…

  • We Need “Selma” Now More Than Ever

    We Need “Selma” Now More Than Ever

    I always listen to classical music on my way home from the movie theater. It helps me process what I have seen. After a movie like Selma, at the end of a year like 2014, I had to take the long way home to organize my thoughts. So, without any spoilers, here’s how this…

  • Why This? Why Now?

    Why This? Why Now?

    We are at a critical moment in this country. We are rethinking a lot of things we usually take for granted. We are hearing the voices of people we usually ignore. We are finding ourselves agreeing with people we usually mistrust.