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  • Conversation No. 58 – Camille

    Conversation No. 58 – Camille

    Camille is from Brooklyn, New York. She was a college student living in Brooklyn at the time of her interview, and was spending her days “either working, going to school, or sleeping.”

  • Conversation No. 49 – Alberto

    Conversation No. 49 – Alberto

    Alberto was born in New York City, raised in Providence, Rhode Island, and spent most of his teenage years in the Dominican Republic. He was beginning his first year as a transfer student at a university in Rhode Island at the time of his interview.

  • Conversation No. 21 – Christina

    Conversation No. 21 – Christina

    Christina is from the Chicagoland area. At the time of her interview, she had recently moved into her first home in the western suburbs of Chicago.