Tag: Black Family Summer Reading Series

  • American Pie (Pt. 4)

    American Pie (Pt. 4)

    Breaking our racial habits.

  • Graduate to Broke

    Graduate to Broke

    “Ain’t it fun / Livin’ in tha real world / Ain’t it good / Being all alone”

  • Conversation No. 38 – Talking with Stephanie

    Conversation No. 38 – Talking with Stephanie

    Stephanie is from Chicago, Illinois. She was living in the Chicago suburbs and spending her days “working…and when I’m not working, I’m with my son and with my family.”

  • Martin vs. Everybody

    Martin vs. Everybody

    SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t pretty. Or easy. Or fun.

  • Rich Africans

    Rich Africans

    Tougher than Nigerian hair…

  • Joy and Pain

    Joy and Pain

    A classic movie and a classic book…