Tag: 2015

  • The Wiz of Chi-raq

    The Wiz of Chi-raq

    The Yellow Brick Road. Blood on the roads. Art & Freedom during the holiday season…

  • Don’t Sit There

    Don’t Sit There

    The irony was that a sick passenger was breaking down & barely holding on in front of me, in front of us. The working people. The good people. The taxpayers. The subway fare payers.

  • Off White Privilege

    Off White Privilege

    How we see ourselves, who we see as enemies, who we see as friends, and how we see the fight ahead.

  • Dear Why People

    Dear Why People

    This time the questions are less cute. This time the answers are not hanging nearby on plaques & displays on the wall.

  • Thank You For Being Here

    Thank You For Being Here

    Over the weekend, while eating breakfast at my favorite diner, I saw two elderly women rise up from their seats in the booth next to me and embrace each other in an extended hug while saying those words to each other.

  • Lights, Camera, Slam

    Lights, Camera, Slam

    Body slams are mental deadly force.

  • Watercolors at the Water Cooler

    Watercolors at the Water Cooler

    What brown can do to you…

  • Good Clean English Names

    Good Clean English Names

    Don’t leave home without one…

  • The New Negrotarians

    The New Negrotarians

    While today’s New Negrotarians are not as interested in conversations about community collective uplift as the New Negroes of the 1920s, they are not as optimistic about the catapulting power of their bootstraps as the New Blacks of today.

  • ClassofHC Poll: Who Do You Love?

    ClassofHC Poll: Who Do You Love?

    What I don’t get – and would like to understand – is the ethical calculus of people who are moved to passionate action by the sight of suffering canines…yet find themselves in a state of paralyzed ambivalence when the topic of suffering humans comes up.