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  • Sermon on Southampton

    Sermon on Southampton

    There were several lines from Birth of A Nation that struck me as particularly poignant given the current social / political climate in our country:

  • Conversation No. 48 – Ebonee

    Conversation No. 48 – Ebonee

    Ebonee is from Brooklyn, New York. She was living there at the time of her interview and spending her days “being a mother…being a friend. I recently got my license to be a childcare provider, so that’s kinda cool. I watch kids all day. I love the kids.”

  • Conversation No. 45 – Kevin

    Conversation No. 45 – Kevin

    Kevin is from Chicago, Illinois. At the time of his interview, he was living in Chicago and spending his days “working…and when I’m not working, just with the kids, being a family man, trying to do as much as I can possibly do on my weekends.”

  • Conversation No. 37 – James

    Conversation No. 37 – James

    James is from Chicago, Illinois, and was living there at the time of his interview. He was spending his days “working, working out, and trying to better myself.”