Conversation No. 6 – Talking with Maya

Maya is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has lived in Chicago, Illinois “for the majority of my life.” At the time of her interview, Maya was still living in Chicago and was spending her days, “trying to figure out precisely what it is I want to be when I grow up.”

Maya’s Most Likely To is: Most Likely to Not Care What Other People Think

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Maya shared with us some of the lessons she’s learned from her journey to figuring out what (and who) she wants to be:

“I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m going to stay positive, and keep looking up, keep pushing ahead…and realizing that I am valuable as a person, and that value is not attached to a job, or friends, or followers, or anything like that. It literally is just me as a human being.”

We talked about the different kinds of people she follows on social media:

“On Instagram, I will say this…if someone is inspirational, but all they have is quotes, I can’t deal with that. I want to see the pictures…that’s what it’s here for. So I end up seeing a bit more foolishness than I would have [otherwise].

I see a lot of fashion, I see a lot of nails, I see a lot of foolishness on my Instagram. On my Facebook, I will say…that’s a bit more mature.”

Maya talked about the valuable life lessons that sometimes arise after a breakup:

“I do think there are a lot of lessons that can come from a breakup, if people are open to understanding those lessons. I would love it if everyone did not have to go through it…but now you know, and this will never happen again. You will never stand for this again. You know now to trust your voice.”


She shared how her friends have impacted how she sees what’s going on in the world:

“Thankfully, right now I have awesome people in my life, who have really allowed me to not be completely discouraged by what is going in the world…because I know that they are doing very important work…and they are encouraging me to do important work to combat what’s going on.”


We talked about her thoughts on what is possible for her generation:

“It’s very possible for us to understand that we are all different, but at the heart of it, we’re all the same…a difference doesn’t mean we can’t be on one accord, moving forward, wanting better for ourselves. I hope that we would all be on that same page, because this is all we’ve got.”

“We have to realize that it’s not a battle between us. And I hope that people would realize that it shouldn’t be that we’re battling each other, because we’re all trying to make it.

We’re all trying to get through and survive at the end of the day. I would hope people would realize that there is something we can be working towards. We can be united in that…and I think it’s possible.”

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