Young lady reading Class of Hope and Change book

We didn’t wait until we got old to document our history.

Class of Hope and Change is an intra-generational conversation featuring over 50 millennials who bring a variety of personal identities and life experiences to discussions about a wide range of timely and timeless subjects in a beautiful movement of love, trust, and truth.

The Book

This book exists because people did not wait until they became famous or more advanced in life to document their lives and share what they’ve seen, heard, & learned so far. Our lives matter now. We center the dreams, struggles, ideas, and stories of everyday millennials, in their own words.

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Class of Hope and Change Spotify Podcast Cover Art

Our Conversations

Rooted in the tradition of oral history, the podcast documentary takes place during two critical years in our world, and in the lives of millennials. Through conversation, we dig for the gems of wisdom that lie beneath the surface of what we typically see and share on social media.

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The Blog

Write, until it’s right. A series of meditations, reflections, celebrations, and lamentations about key moments in our society that overlapped with the creation of this project.

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Class of Hope and Change is a wonderful collection of stories and insight from a conversation with millennials. The book is compilation of conversations held from the two-year podcast documentary. Being a millennial myself I was excited to read these stories of people and their various experiences of growing up in today’s world. I learned a lot about others experiences different from my own and it was eye-opening to see how our generation is evolving and growing.


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