The Best You Never Heard (Nov 10)

“Step forward. Move forward.” What we’re listening to this week…

“Step Forward. Move Forward.”

Sometimes in life we fall. Sometimes we fail. How we respond in these moments of darkness and disappointment can have a lasting impact on our lives. So when we heard Saint Lucian soca artist Teddyson John’s new single, Allez, with its infectious above-mentioned chorus, it was an easy choice for our lead song this week. The song’s colorful, Caribbean, youth-filled video is an extra bonus. This is music for anyone who needs a little extra motivation to keep on keeping on.


“What Wil & I have done over the years, it’s not just about playing the violin. It’s really about breaking stereotypes.”

The long-term health and sustainability of hip-hop culture and music depend on its ability to expand and evolve. Black Violin – the Fort Lauderdale, Florida duo of Kev Marcus and Wil Baptiste – is one of the groups charting new paths on the map of Black music. Before you listen through their new album, Stereotypes, you should start with this excellent profile of the group’s origin and perspective. This album draws from a wide range of musical traditions, from hip-hop intro track Stereotypes, to the big orchestral sound of Runnin’, to the beautiful, soul-filled ballad Magic. This is music that celebrates our excellence and our possibility.


Speaking truth to power through music. A couple of years ago, the British group The London Afrobeat Collective dropped a single called Prime MinisterThey had a few questions for the leader of their country’s government… many of the same powerful questions that people around the world are raising to their own leaders. Los Angeles-based producer Captain Planet recently got a hold of the track, and blessed us with a dance-floor ready, electronic-fused remix which honors the spirit of the original while inviting new listeners into the experience.


We stay in the U.K. and slow things down with our final selection this week, No, Don’t / Incomplete, the two songs-in-one-track offering from the duo of London-based singer Emmavie and musician/composer Alfa Mist.  Both songs combine soft piano melodies with the two-step friendly boom-bap of a neo-soul record. Good music for good nights with good people.

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