The Best You Never Heard (May 8)

“Mama I want to dance, but mama I want to sing” What we’re listening to this week…


April will probably go down as the biggest month in the world of music in 2016. We documented some of the key moments from April 2016 here.

Right at the end of April, Toronto’s favored son Drake released his latest album, Views, which features the lead single One DanceDrake was clearly heavily influenced by the sounds and vibes of the people of the Caribbean islands while putting together this album. And the love appears to be mutual, as the Dominican-American rapper Fuego has once again provided the internet with an excellent Spanish cover of a Drake single. Fuego’s version is called Un Baile (One Dance Fireboy Remix)and should be an automatic addition to your Drizzy playlist.


We stay in the Caribbean for our next selection. The Fall 2015 Fire Starta Riddim mixtape featured the track Champion Boy from Jamaican dancehall artist Alkaline. This track is pure adrenaline. Music for putting in that extra set at the gym. For taking one more lap around the Ave with the windows down and the seats leaned back. And of course, for one more whine pon the dancefloor.


“I believe that if I fly, I’ll probably end up somewhere in paradise”

ICYMI, earlier this year Chicago emcee Chance the Rapper dropped Somewhere in Paradisean anthem for all the independent artists and independent spirits out there. This track features horns, a choir, a soul-clap and everything you need to feel better when you feel like you’re trying  but life isn’t cooperating.


“If the world’s gonna get to you / gotta do what you always do / gonna stand tall and speak the truth / gonna call me up”

We finish this week’s selection with another track to help you push through and get over. New York singer/songwriter Ben Beal‘s single Call (feat. Cole Bauer) is the kind of song that sounds happy and light, but hits you with deeper reflections about life. Perfect for those long rides home when you need to clear your head and figure out the way forward.

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