The Best You Never Heard (May 16)

“She said she want some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita will definitely set this party off right” What we’re listening to this week…


This week is dedicated to the singers. To the artists who can hold a note and carry our spirits. We start off with the North Carolina trio, The Hamiltones, whose day job is providing soul-filled background vocals for R&B/soul singer Anthony Hamilton. But it’s their side gig of turning popular hip-hop songs into modern day spirituals that has been bringing life to the culture for the past year. Their latest effort, Put Some Respeck On Ittakes what has been the best moment in hip-hop meme-dom this year and elevates it to a 50-second interlude that should be your theme music wherever you show up to handle business this summer.


From the silly to the serious, our pick for Video of the Week is Rise Up by the Grammy-nominated singer and San Diego native, Andra Day. The single, which is featured on Andra’s debut album Cheers to the Fall, has been held in high acclaim and heavy rotation since its release last winter. The visuals in this newly-released inspirational companion video have just raised the bar for #RelationshipGoals, and ensure that we will continue talking about this song throughout the summer.


From one name you need to know to one you should have already been up on…we pick up the tempo on our next selection with Talk To Me from Australian virtuoso Jordan Rakei. If you haven’t heard this man’s music, stop what you’re doing and get familiar. From his vocals, to his production, to his instrumentation…Jordan is definitely a force to be reckoned with. This becomes evidently clear at about the 2:32 mark of this track. Prepare to run this back several times.


We finish up this week with music for lovers. People often lament how “no one ever sings about love anymore”, and while much of the music that gets the most attention is definitely of the “drop it-flip it” variety…R&B never died. In case you needed proof, we present as exhibit A the new album The Soul Sessionsfrom Chicago singer Brandon James. His sound works for your day at the beach or your day party at the rooftop lounge.

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