The Best You Never Heard (Mar 6)

“I know I got what you need, so what you wanna do” What we’re listening to this week…


Between reality show socialites, and Future putting out new music like daily flights out of Hartsfield Airport, over the past few years it feels like there hasn’t been much airspace for any other sounds coming out of Atlanta. But sometimes you just have to turn off the TV, log off social media, and dig for the music. We begin this week’s selections by reaching back a couple of years for Civil Writes, the debut album from Atlanta emcees Draft Pickington and Sean Luc-Picard whose duo goes by the same name. This is music for the streets. Music you can ride or chill to. The beat selection, production, and lyricism on this album is like a cold glass of sweet tea. Glad to see this aspect of ATL hip-hop is alive and well.

 South Side Stand Up! Chicago is having a good moment right now, coming off strong album releases from BJ the Chicago Kid and Kanye, not to mention Vic Mensa’s performance at the recent #JusticeForFlint benefit concert in February. The bench of talented artists is deep in the Windy City, and this week we’re all about 17-year old, Ravyn Lenae. The young singer emerged last year after some local radio competitions, and is off to a great start with her debut album Moon Shoes EP, and the album’s soulful, spring-like single, Blossom Dearie (Prod. by Monte Booker).


“Kanye West recently released his Life of Pablo album with a blank acapella smack dap in the middle. We producers love this. CHALLANGE!!! “

And with those words, Philly producer Hezekiah accepted the challenge of finding the perfect mix of soul, bass, and funk to stand under Yeezy’s words. His I Love Kanye Pro Remix is one of the best T.L.O.P. remixes we’ve heard anywhere. True to Kanye’s affinity for classic soul samples, Hezekiah uses a sample from Joeclyn Brown’s 1984 R&B hit, Somebody’s Else’s Guyand brilliantly combines it with samples from Get Em High off of Kanye’s debut album, The College Dropout.


We close out this week’s selections with a smooth samba track called Mi Corazon from New York City veteran singer/songstress Gina Figueroa. This is music for warmer air, opened windows, and sunny weekend mornings.

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