The Best You Never Heard (Mar 15)

“I know that I’m carrying on, never mind if I’m showing off” What we’re listening to this week…

Sometimes you have to turn off the news, put down your phone, turn up the speakers and open all the windows! Our selection this week is in celebration of life, and of Spring.


The Foreign Exhange – the dynamic duo of North Carolina emcee Phonte and Dutch producer Nicolay – have been making beautiful, soul-filled music for over a decade and still are one of the best groups many people haven’t heard yet. We’re doing our part to fix that. Their latest album, Tales fom the Land of Milk and Honey, features a bass-heavy, dubsteb after-work anthem called Asking for a FriendA strong record on its own, but the remix – formally know as Asking For A Friend (Stro Elliot’s Roller Rink Rework) – is what has been giving us life all week!


“Made this in like 10 minutes at a library.”

We were trying to think of any other situation where a story ends well after starting with that opening line…and we came up with nothing. Until now! In the time it takes most of us to find a pen and remember what the test is going to cover, Atlanta producer Dexter Brandon put together Put Yo Handsa nice flip of Busta’s 1997 classic.

“Can I come closer? / Can I be your lover?”

For all the Spring Breakers out there, please remember “it’s not cool if it’s not consensual.” And what better way to let her/him know you’re interested than soul music! New York City singer Jamar Rogers is here to help you get straight to the point with Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover.

As the saying goes, “this may be a man’s world, but women run it.” We finish up this week with Birmingham, Alabama’s DJ Rahdu and Supa Soul Sisters V​.​1 – an hour-long mix celebrating female R&B/soul vocalists from across the musical generations.

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