The Best You Never Heard (Feb 6)

“My ___ don’t dance, we just pull up our pants and do the rock-away” What we’re listening to this week…


“More kids go to jail than to colleges / they act like they don’t see where the problem is / sh*t in Flint we resilient, the reality is everyday we was living like hostages / For you it’s a topic on Twitter / For me listen this where my mama is”

Words for the speechless. Over the past few weeks, the American public has become aware of the ongoing two-year lead water tragedy inflicted upon the people of Flint, Michigan by the missteps and misleadings of their state and local governments. Standing in the long tradition of using the art of rap to speak the truth from the people to the powerful, Flint emcee Jon Connor has released Fresh Water for Flint (feat. Keke Palmer)He doesn’t hold back on this track, channeling the anguish that comes the suffering families in his hometown.

We enter the second week of Black History Month 2016 with more music to get your mind right throughout the month. Our selection this week comes from the D.C.-born, NYC-based group Oshun. The duo channels a neo-soul, spoken word slam vibe on BROWN, their soulful mediation on the melaninated peoples of the world. The single is on their latest album, ASASE YAA.

Thanks to organizations like AFROPUNK, the idea of Black people in the U.S. playing and making rock music is not surprising. However, the idea of an indie rock band coming from West Africa may still fall in the category of things you need to hear to believe. Today is your lucky day. Dark Suburb is a band based in Accra, Ghana that has been out for a few years. Somehow, we were sleeping on them, but we are awake now and getting familiar fast! A quick listen through their Soundcloud page will make you a believer too. We recommend starting with their singles Egobe and Get Out.

We finish up this week with a nice jazz mix to get you ready for whatever you’re getting into this Valentines’ Day weekend. This mix, called Some Jazz 18comes from the Alabama-based collective BamaLoveSoul. This is music for staying in, cooking together, reading together, putting your phones down and being fully present with that special someone.

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