The Best You Never Heard (Dec 19)

“Can you rock wit’ me, can you roll wit’ me?” What we’re listening to this week…


“I write for the forgotten and the abused, the marginalized and the despised. I write for those who are penniless, jobless, landless and for those who have no political or social power.”

These powerful words come from a 2012 speech given by Dr. James Cone, professor and author of the classic 1970 book A Black Theology of Liberation . They also are the words of the intro to King Jamesthe ferocious lead track from Pittsburgh emcee Jasiri X on his latest album, Black Liberation TheologyThis is music for the moment. Music for the movement. Music for the people.


Every holiday season, we try to add to the collection of R&B/soul Christmas classics with music your whole family can rock to. And we’ve got another one for the holiday playlist in the new single, Xmas is Coming!!! by the legendary Philadelphia producer, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Los Angeles producer Daniel Crawford. Get your eggnog and your two-step on with this beautiful instrumental.


From music for the family dinners to music for the late-night kickbacks. If you need some press-play-and-walk-away music, you can’t go wrong with the 28-track compilation mixtape Originals/Colabs from Masego, the Virginia musician and creator of “Trap House Jazz” . This mixtape has everything you need to keep the energy right…upbeat and downtempo, jazz and house, soul and hip-hop.


As always, we end our weekly selections with something chill. The debut album Nocturne EP from London-based producer Alfa Mist is truly beautiful music. He blends futuristic melodies and head-nodding beats with the strong vocals of the collaborating artists featured on the album. Great music for the drive/flight home after the holidays.

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