The Best You Never Heard (Apr 5)

“See my days are cold without you, but I’m hurting while I’m with you” What we’re listening to this week…


Although it doesn’t look or feel like spring yet for many of us in the northern half of the U.S., we know any day now we won’t have to worry about wearing layers or carrying umbrellas. So, we’re still diligently putting together that windows-down playlist. And somehow our internet digging landed us in Moscow with producer Matvey Emerson and his house/dance remix of Australian singer Conrad’s Sewell’s 2015 balland, Remind Me. Both versions work as great closing tracks to your spring mixes.


“Anything I do, I do it the most/ it just so happens in rewarded for being extreme/ applauded workaholic falling asleep in the office/ & I’ll never get fired/ the irony, I’m a boss cause I couldn’t get hired”

A producer who fits in the “your favorite artist’s favorite artist” category, D.C.-raised, Brooklyn-based Oddisee is back at it again with another solid project. His latest album, Alwasta, ends with a reflective track called Slow GrooveThe song features a sample from Eddie Kendricks ’70s soul classic, Intimate Friends, one of most popular records for producers looking for a two-step friendly sample. This beat almost forces you to step back and think about the bigger picture, which is what Oddisee does masterfully on this album’s closing track.


Our 2016 platform for Making Spring Great Again starts with good music for all! Let this be the year you expand your musical palette and rock out to new music in new places. To help, we’re recommending Miami-based rapper/producer Fuego and his latest album Fireboy Forever 2. If you like the rapper Future and his sound, then you’re going to love this album. We like the album’s single, Alto (feat. Jhoni The Voice) as a nice bilingual nice entry into this project. Now, you might need to have that SpanishDict-punto-com open on your phone to make sure nothing gets lost in translation, but what you can’t make out in Fuego’s words, you will feel in his beats.


We end this week’s selections with a smooth instrumental track called Flowers from Dutch producer KA-YU. It features a Brazilian samba-like guitar melody over a straight-ahead boom-bap-clap beat. We like this as a nice transition between sets, and it goes well with whatever you’re getting into during those late nights and early mornings.

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