The Best You Never Heard (Apr 12)

“Girl, it’s easy to love me now, would you love me if I was down and out? Would you still have love for me?” What we’re listening to this week…


We begin this week’s selections with a track that will have you two-stepping your way into the job or school all week. Berlin-based producer IAMNOBODI is back at it again with another remix. This time he takes on the Luther Vandross classic ballad Better Love and gives it that bounce in his remix called Luther’s JointThe single is featured on his latest album Imani (EP).


“If we really want to talk about love – and if we really want to be love and live love – it’s gotta be unconditional. Can’t be any masks or costumes or acts. And that’s very hard to do. But we’re gonna do it…right here with you.”

And with those beautiful words, musician / singer / songwriter / virtuoso Esperanza Spaulding launches into the live recording of Unconditional Lovethe lead single from her new album, Emily’s D+Evolution.  This soul-filled, rock/acoustic record reflects the musical direction of this album. Those of us who have been rocking with Esperanza from her debut as the young prodigy with the big ‘fro and an even bigger voice might need to listen through this album a few times to digest it properly. This is not the jazzy sound we’ve come to love/expect from Esperanza. She is growing and evolving as a person and an artist, and this album is a clear declaration that it is indeed a new day.

February 29th may have passed already, but it doesn’t change the fact that each of us – regardless of age, race, gender, wealth or status – get a whole extra 24 hours this year. If that isn’t a reason to make music, we don’t know what is! German producer Jim Dunloop has got us feeling thankful and present in this moment with his single, Leap Year (feat. Sherry & S. Squair Blaq)from his latest album, Opus 76 BPM

California producer Aso finishes things up for us this week with a laid-back instrumental track called Horizons Form From the SoulThis track works in the morning while you’re getting ready for the day, on the weekends while you’re doing a whole lot of nothing, or late at night scrolling through your phone looking for Netflix dates!

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