Election Clapback (Part 2)

We can do better America…

The ClassofHC 2016 Election Clapback podcast series was inspired by a great book I read this summer. It was also provoked by a lot of the foolishness I saw in our politics this summer. 

Listen to previous episodes: Part 1

We can’t spend these last two months just arguing back and forth about whatever new and outrageous thing the presidential candidates did today. We really have to figure some stuff out…or at least we have try to understand the issues better.


What we DO need…are nationwide spaces for people of good will and good sense (sorry haters and trolls) to spread the word about what’s working well around the country, learn about the best ideas for addressing our nation’s problems, and understand more about how our country actually works.

The book that inspired this podcast series, Economix, by Michael Goodwin and Dan Burr:


Disclaimer: I don’t know the authors, no one is paying me to talk about their book. But if this little podcast series works, then we might need to have a meeting or something!

I think you’ll walk away with more useful questions from listening to this series (and reading the book) than you would have by watching people argue on cable news.

Episode 2 deals with corporations, big businesses, and the recent history of what has happened in America when people with governmental power get too close to people with government-sized money.

Listen to Episode 2 (Corporations and Big Business)

– Day G.

Host, Class of Hope and Change podcast documentary

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