The Best You Never Heard (Oct 1)

“Our activism attackin’ the system / the Blacks and Latins in prison / their numbers have risen / they’re victims lacking the vision / sh*t, all they got is rapping to listen to / I let ’em know we missing you / the love is unconditional” What we’re listening to this week…


“Black children they childhood stole from them / robbed of our names and our language / stole again”

One of the important jobs of our artists and storytellers is to keep us tethered to our core essence. Our humanity. Our souls. Our lives. And so, as we pass through the latest episode in the never-ending series of The State vs. Black Bodies, it is critical that the culture continues to produce art that showcases our human-ness. This week we like Black America Again from Chicago emcee Common. Righteous outrage + Relentless self-care.


We have little patience for anyone complaining about why high-profile celebrities and entertainers “don’t speak out about what’s going on”. Throughout the past 4-5 years, our culture has continued to produce music that matched the moment. Check out our archives of The Best You Never Heard selections if you’ve been sleeping on all the quality freedom music. In the continuing response to the unending parade of unnecessarily lost Black Lives, ATL’s own T.I. is out with We Will Nota passionate rant that touches on multiple aspects of the community’s suffering in this moment.


“I want you / But I want you to want me too”

Another important piece of the self-care puzzle is love. Love for life. Love of self. Love for family. Love of community. Love for humankind. Love for all that lives…and if this nation could ever repent of its sins and fully commit to the work of Truth and Reconciliation…Love of country. This week, we’re refreshed by Marvin’s Mood from Cali producer Stro Elliot. This extended track is a flip of Marvin Gaye’s 1976 classic, I Want You.


These are heavy times. We’re practicing being present. Eating. Breathing. Loving. Be Loved. We finish this week with the exceptional, soul-filled sounds of Dreams Instrumentals, the latest release from Philly producer Hezekiah. Be well and be safe family.

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