The Best You Never Heard (Oct 24)

“Gotta find my way back, way back / to you, to us, to love” What we’re listening to this week…


“It look like funeral home, church, church, liquor store / corner store, dreadhead, deadleg, ditto / sil-houette, chalk outline, sketch  / it’s not the same outside, when they want yo’ neck”

There is an impassioned plea near the end of Church / Liquor Store (feat. Noname)the latest single from Chicago’s own Saba, where a friend of his leaves a voice message (presumably from a correctional facility) imploring Saba: “man, give them people hell bro. On my life, let ’em know how you feelin’. Let them know what’s going on bro. Free us every chance you get…free us joe. Let ’em know joe. Keep us alive out there in them verses joe.”

Which is exactly what Saba, and his truth spittin’ co-conspirator Noname, do on this track. This kind of authentic story-telling is what keeps hip-hop, and our city, alive. The single is featured on Saba’s new album, The Bucket Project.


From keeping your head up in these streets, to keeping your head up in life’s heat…our next selection is a powerful new video from Brooklyn-based soul man Gordon Chambers called I Made It (feat. Eric Roberson and Steff Reed)The song deals with how the singer-songwriter made it – psychologically and mentally – after a fire destroyed his beautiful Brooklyn home. We all love the turn-up, but if you live long enough, you will inevitably find yourself in moments when life has turned you all the way down. This music is chicken soup for the soul in those moments.


“How many chances do you get to become a star / How many No’s and rejection can someone take / those times you were close are becoming far / how many more mistakes are you allowed to make”

We’re keeping it all the way ? with the song titles and content in this week’s selections. Our next one, I Work Too Hard (feat. Kokayi) from Brooklyn veteran all-star emcee Wordsworth and Baltimore producer JSOUL, is for anyone who has ever put their heart and soul into a project, a career, a dream…only to watch those dreams get deferred time and time again. Real music for real life ish. The song is featured on Blame It On The Music, the two artists’ new collaborative album.


We finish up with the beautiful instrumental album, Family Portrait Remixes EP from the French production quartet of Point Point. We’re especially vibing out to the final track on the album, Au Revoir (Kidswaste Remix)Good music for sweater weather, cuffing season, and whatever else you’re in to this fall.

One thought on “The Best You Never Heard (Oct 24)

  1. I just listened to the track “I work to hard” feat. kokayi for the first time. It amazes me to think that it has been almost two years since this track was posted to this website. I am glad to be able to leave a positive review of the song

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