The Best You Never Heard (May 30)

At the beach. At the block party. What we’re listening to this week…


There are a few good Summertime rules we live by: (1) Always wear sunscreen, (2) Never come to barbecues empty-handed, and (3) Don’t bring last year’s playlist to this year’s pool/beach/block party! So, if you’re headed anywhere to chill this summer, you’re going to need the new Brazilian-jazz, samba infused album, Dreamscape Pt. 3from Brandon*. We’re always grateful when we find albums that are strong from start to finish…just press play and walk away!


From the turn-down to the turn-up. Long before American pop stars “discovered” twerking…before our youth from the South implemented the dance style in their expression of hip-hop culture…our friends from the Caribbean having been channeling the drum-fueled, rhythmic hip sways of West Africa. Every now and then, it’s good to let the rookies watch from the sidelines while the pros demonstrate how the game should be played. Much has been called into question about the life & music of Jamaican dancehall king Vybz Kartel, but there is no question about his ability to make music that moves your hips. His latest track, Dancehall, is one more in a long list of bangers that will take any party to the next level.


“I wonder if they still tell jokes in heaven / ‘Cuz life’s just one big comedy show / I wonder if they still jokes in heaven / I heard God gotta sense of humor / And I kinda gotta clue up / Laughter is good for the soul”

That’s the hook from the reflective new single God Laughs from Detroit artist, dEnAuN aka Mr. Porter, which is on his new album, Stuff in My Backpack. Further proof that hip-hop doesn’t need be either conscious or happy…you can talk about your aspirations, your joy, and your struggle while making good music.


There are two kinds of ’90s kids, people who were raised in the decade…and people who were created in it. We have love for both groups, but sometimes things get lost in translation between the generations. That’s the issue playfully addressed by “Rap’s first performing arts group” – The Black Opera – in their latest single, 90z Baby (feat Magestik Legend, Jamall Bufford, Ro Spit & Scolla). Not only does the beat feel like you’re back to the days of driving down the ave with the seat back and the windows low, but the relaxed cadence of their flow also helps take your mind back to the good ol’ days.

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