The Best You Never Heard (May 29)

“I wanna know, I gotta know, your name / your name, your name / why you gotta be anonymous?” What we’re listening to this week…

“But I gotta bigger fish to fry / I’m talking bigger sh*! than you and I / kids are losing lives / got me scared of losing mine / and if I hold my tongue about it I get crucified”

Regardless of how you feel about Views or the Raptors, you can’t deny that Drake is once again putting together another successful year in the rap game. And while we appreciate a feature with Rihanna as much as the next fan, every now and then we want to hear that Comeback Season Drake. And he kindly obliged, blessing the internets with his 30 for 30 Freestyle last fall. Then Seattle producer Sango took Drizzy’s offering to another level with 30 for Circus, a nice flip using the 2004 J Dilla classic beat Circus.

We have little patience for people who complain about “why rappers aren’t talking about what’s going on.” Aside from the fact that there are many things “going on” in this moment, many artists have been making music for the people and for this moment. The latest addition to our Stay Woke playlist is Survive (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Crooked I & Kobe Honeycutt), the lead single on Son Of A Pimp, Pt. 2the new album from Oakland emcee Mistah F.A.B. Circle the ave twice with this one playing.

There will be times during this summer when you will need to make your presence felt and handle business. Nothing better than a head-banging, electric guitar-fueled, soul-filled rock anthem to get you hype and ready to take on the world. For these moments, we recommend Know My Namefrom Canadian songstress SATE. The song is featured on her new album, RedBlack&Blue and you can catch her at the Afropunk festivities in Brooklyn this August.

It is Memorial Day weekend, and as we pause to honor and salute the men and women who sacrificed their lives in the name of America, please make sure to connect with the important people in your life and tell them you love them. It’s always good to keep a few tracks in the playlist that everyone at the barbecue can dance to, so we close out this week’s selections with 4006, a disco-inspired, electronic house track from U.K. producer Al Kent.

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