The Best You Never Heard (Mar 23)

“If the party’s where you’re at, let me hear you say…” What we’re listening to this week…


There are a few rules for transitioning to spring weather: (1) Wash and wax your car before you hit the ave, (2) Wash and moisture your feet before your sandals hit the ave. Now that both your whip and your toe game are on point, throw on your fine linens and turn up Malibuthe new album from Los Angeles producer/musician/singer/emcee Anderson Paak. This is our first nominee for Album of the Year. We won’t even attempt to restrict this project to any particular musical genre. It has something for everyone: instrumentation, vocals, bars, beats, funk, soul…whatever you need to get right this year.

“You check my track record for the record / Been an activist before it was accepted / Runnin’ round screaming at the open mic hoping for the world to change / Found myself by myself when time for the protest came”

If you are not familiar with Chicago poet/activist Malcolm London, then you should probably start with his 2013 TED talk, “High School Training Ground”. This young man is one of the many young artists to who have been at the leading edge of this latest chapter of “wokeness”, self-love, struggle, and art within our culture. Last month, Malcolm dropped a little something for the internet, called SELFrighteous


Here’s to new adventures, new road trips, and new soundtracks this spring. Your playlist definitely needs the uptempo-to-downtempo progression of Move Me (w/ JAHKOY, Johnny Yukon, & dylAn)the latest single from Brooklyn producer Soft Glas.


“You’re so fine in the summer”

We finish this week with a toast to the “muses who inspire the music.” Cali singer/songwriter Mars Today has teamed up with Los Angeles based producer .esta to create Summatime Finewhich feels like days at the beach, late nights drives down the freeway…and sun dresses.

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