The Best You Never Heard (Jun 30)

“I looked over to the left” What we’re listening to this week…


“I used to feel so devastated / At times I thought we’d never make it / But now we on our way to greatness / And all that ever took was patience”

Devastated by Brooklyn emcee Joey Bada$$ is our first nominee for summer anthem of the year. This is music for everyone working, grinding, sweating, and bleeding to achieve their goals and dreams. This is music for anyone who is walking through the valley of doubt & disappointment and could use a ray of hope & light.

For better or worse, Rihanna’s 2016 smash hit Work has now joined Pharrell’s 2014 hit Happy as songs that we loved and would love not to hear again. But you cannot deny that RiRi’s anthem has been the gift that kept on giving to waistlines, dancefloors, DJs, and producers all over the world. As a final farewell to this record until the 2016 Year in Review mixes, we like Trabalho (Work Brazil Edit) from Netherlands-based producer SIROJ.

“I’m asking a lot of questions and challenging myself within my head; my relationship with the world; friends or family or spirituality — a bunch of topics which make up who I am as a human being.” – Gallant, Billboard Magazine, 4/7/16

Do not listen to anyone who says that there’s no more real singing nowadays. We’re continuing to do our part to shine light on artists that are out here giving you consistently strong vocals. We wish we could ask questions about life as beautifully as the Los Angeles based singer Gallant does on Chandra, a beautifully soaring meditative ballad that is featured on his latest album Ology.

“You don’t ever have to walk alone / I know we can always find a way”

We wrap up this week’s selections with a song for summer loves, flings, and whatever other situationships you’re getting into for the next few months. Lifelines from singer, producer, and director Zo! is perfect music for riding around with that special someone. The song is the lead single on his latest album Skybreak, and features a nice 16 from one of the singer’s group mates in The Foreign Exchange, super-emcee Phonte.

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