The Best You Never Heard (Aug 9)

“20-inch wide / 20-inch high / oh don’t you like my 20-inch ride” What we’re listening to this week…


Hip-hop is a team sport. The culture at its truest essence is about you and your boys (or girls) representing for your neck of the woods and talking about your life as it is now, and as you hope it will become. We start this week’s selection with Van Gogh from Brooklyn rappers Jimmy Heights, Ravage Roc, and Spec K. It’s always a beautiful thing to see our young men free to dance, sing, laugh, and build with each other. We’re better together.

There’s nothing like a championship to change the way a city sees itself. Just two years ago, Cleveland was the city that couldn’t catch a break, unless it was a heartbreak. Two years, one returned basketball legend, and one NBA title later…well, things look a little brighter in The Land.

The recently released film The Land, which is set in Cleveland and named after the city’s nickname, has some big-names behind it, including Nas. The movie’s soundtrack is also loaded with a strong mix of top-tier and up-and-coming talent. Our favorite track is Goodbye from Cleveland’s own Ezzy. This is music for everyone fighting to do better.

“Everything is all right / everything is oh-okay”

Fresh off of Toronto’s Caribana festival and Barbados’ crop over festivities, it is the season for all the summer dancehall and soca hits. This week, Everything Is Alright from Jamaican artist TeeJay is in heavy rotation in our playlist.

We finish this week with music you can chill and vibe to. California based producer DIBIA$E has dropped Sound Palace, a soulful beat tape for late summer nights.

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