The Best You Never Heard (Apr 27)

“We wasn’t supposed to make it past 25 / jokes on you, we still alive” What we’re listening to this week…


We begin this week’s selections with a track that should be your morning alarm for the entire season. Chicago musician Nico Segal (aka “Donnie Trumpet“) has released In Your Light, a beautiful interlude track featuring fellow Chicagoan, singer/songwriter Sima Cunningham . This song has the feel of a ’70s soul ballad, strong and simple vocals supported by a guitar and piano melody. Start your day with this one and a fruit smoothie.


“Would you let me know, do you really want to be with me?”

New season, new number…who dis? We have once again arrived at that time of the year when people start shedding clothes, pounds, and baes and start looking to upgrade. Add to that a healthy dose of RiRi and Bey, and the sistas are playing to win this year. So, it’s a perfect moment for the new single Potent from Brooklyn rapper Jimmy Heights, an ode to all the women out there breaking hearts this summer.


There are a few simple rules for going out this year: (1) Don’t show up empty-handed and (2) Keep an emergency party playlist with you at all times. Someone Who Needs Me, the new single from French producer Bob Sinclar is the kind of dance track that works in just about any party.


” All that trouble’s gonna bring me down…”

We finish up this week with a cross-ocean collaboration between the London band The Milk and Detroit producer Tall Black Guy. Their song’s name, Trouble Gonna Bring Me Down (Tall Black Guy Sad Story Remix)tells you what you need to know upfront. This is a beautifully haunting track that will have you nodding your head to the beat…and then shaking your head when you start thinking about the trouble that tempts us all. Don’t be brought down by the trouble this season, and check out The Milk’s latest album, Loneliness Has Eyes.


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